My Story

Welcome!! I'm Jamie, & I am so happy you are here!! I think I always knew I wanted to be a mother, but it wasn't something I spoke much about. As a theatre performer, educator, and employee, I was juggling work, rehearsals, and performing, but I knew something was missing.

When I became pregnant, aside from being very excited, I was taken aback by what my friends, colleagues, and collaborators would say in regards to birth. My instinct told me to tune them out, my stubborn side wanting to prove them wrong. Birth should not be something to fear, right?! But I wasn't exactly sure where to start.

Serendipitously, only a few weeks after announcing my pregnancy, a dear friend mentioned HypnoBirthing®, and my world opened. I read the book. I watched videos. I listened to stories of these beautiful, calm births and I wanted that. I started visualizing my birth the same way.

I now have two beautiful boys, and although their births were not exactly picture perfect, (after all, birth is not something we can ever truly plan), I had beautiful, calm births with each of them. I walked away with such positive memories of those days. I felt connected. I felt strong. After weeks of rehearsing, I performed (twice) in the most exciting show of my life.

My mission is to allow you to have the birth you want and deserve. To birth instinctively. To birth confidently. To

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